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Scrubs and Shrubs provides clients with a professional, fast, flexible and cost-effective gutter cleaning service.
Our gutter cleaning service includes the cleaning and debris removal of dirt and impurities from the property’s soffits and fascias.
Poorly maintained gutters, soffits and fascias can spoil the exterior of a property.
Damaged and blocked gutters can also cause significant damage to a property. Pooling water can accelerate the decay of wood on a building. Water can also damage the roof causing leaks and more significant damage.
Water that isn’t pooled away from a property can cause the surrounding ground to become waterlogged which can eventually cause significant foundation damage.


For professional guttering cleaning and gutter unblocking, get in contact with Scrubs and Shrubs today.

Light Gutter Repairs

Our professional team of gutter specialists are available for minor to light gutter repairs. We can reattach gutters that have become detached from the fascia and soffits.
We can also replace parts of the guttering that has become broken or splintered.
Our team ensure that a property’s guttering is operating effectively, ensuring your property's drainage system is working to the highest of professional standards.

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