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Scrubs and Shrubs provides clients with complete window cleaning services. Our team of window cleaning experts are available to domestic and commercial clients.
We have extensive experience with single and multi-story properties. The flexibility of our team means we use a variety of different window cleaning techniques that are customised to the unique requirements of the property.
We can provide traditional window cleaning or the modern reach and spray system.
We aim to provide a high quality clean that leaves windows in pristine condition while working to an effective schedule that limits any disruption to the day to day running of a household or commercial property.


For more information on our professional range of services, get in contact with Scrubs and Shrubs today.

Reach and Rinse Window Cleaning

For a multi-story building with a large number of windows we provide the fast and safe Reach and Rinse cleaning system.
This convenient system completely eliminates the need for ladders and uses filtered water channelled directly to the window pane.
This method not only cleans the glass but also removes dirt, organic materials and debris from the window frame.

Traditional Window Cleaning

We also provided traditional suds and squeegee window cleaning services. This service includes the cleaning of both the inside and the outside of the windows.

After Builders Window Cleaning

After a property has been built we provide a comprehensive window cleaning service that includes the removal and responsible disposal of all window pane manufacturing stickers and packaging.
We also completely clean the inside and outside of the window, ensuring to remove all dirt, impurities and building site dust.

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